Power Patient Seminar!

Health Literacy: The Secret to Being a Power Patient!
Health Literacy is having the tools needed to make informed choices as patients and caregivers. And the fundamentals of health literacy apply in any health care situation, from scheduling an annual checkup to tracking medications, from managing an acute or chronic condition to hiring a home health aide, and from choosing a pediatrician to accepting the need for hospice care.

Attorney and author Jo Kline has now developed a first-in-the-nation seminar on the tools and resources needed to be a Power Patient! Join Jo for over two hours of lively presentations and plenty of Q&A time. 

* Preserving personal values with informed decision making
* Assembling the best team of health care professionals
* Following preventive care recommendations
* Recognizing urgent and emergency care situations
* Practicing responsible use of medications
* Making respectful and informed end-of-life decisions

Jo will share the Three Building Blocks and the Top Ten Fundamentals of health literacy essential to being an empowered patient, decisive health care proxy or engaged health care professional. Each attendee receives detailed handouts (so no note-taking required!) and a copy of Jo's book, THE 60-MINUTE GUIDE TO HEALTH LITERACY. 

 Health literacy is critical for patients, health care advocates, caregiving professionals, health care professionals and legal professionals.

HOST YOUR OWN EVENT: Contact us for details on available dates and costs and learn how your company, nonprofit organization, church or municipality can host this unique educational opportunity. 

CONTACT:  JoKline@msn.com