January 11, 2019

March seminar on prepping to be a Power Patient!

Check out the new tab here, "Power Patient Seminar!" to learn about the March 6, 2019 seminar I am hosting in Ankeny, Iowa.

You know, we've been studying health literacy--more accurately, the lack of it--for over 30 years in America. After 6,000+ studies and academic papers, the conclusions are consistently sad: Most American adults lack the tools and skills they need to be engaged and empowered health care recipients, or caregivers for others.

Unfortunately, the recommended approach has also been consistent: "If patients don't understand the health care information being given to them, then the solution is to give them less and use smaller words." I don't agree.

This March 6, 2019 seminar is a first-in-the-nation health literacy event with the goal of raising decision makers' skills, rather than lowering expectations. Please check out the details [SEMINAR EVENT PAGE] and consider joining me on Wednesday, March 6. 

Invest three hours in being a Power Patient for life. Namaste.