January 10, 2018

12-part Health Literacy series in the Des Moines Register

Today marks the first installment of my 12-part series, Health Literacy 101, in the Des Moines Register. I'm grateful to the Register editorial staff for the opportunity to share this valuable content on how to become an empowered patient, decisive health care proxy or more engaged health care professional.

The first installment is background on how medical decision making has morphed over the past four decades. Going forward, some of the key elements of health literacy I'll be covering are how to access reliable information, choosing a provider and watching out for polypharmacy (sorry, but you'll just have to read Installment #8 to learn what that is).

If you appreciate having solid, reliable health care information in The Register, please post an online comment or let the editorial staff know.  If you have a question or suggestion for me, just drop me an email:  JoKline@msn.com.

Thanks for taking the time to become more health literate. Salute!