October 15, 2017

Cedar Rapids, Iowa has it going on

I had the unique pleasure of attending the first in the Cedar Rapids MedQuarter's "Speak Up! Series" on Advance Care Planning on October 5th. I'm not sure Des Moines could get 300 people to come out on a dark fall night to learn about death and dying--but Cedar Rapids did.  And well worth their time, because the speaker was Dr. B. J. Miller, who you may know from his Ted Talk or his appearance on Oprah's Soul Series. Dr. Miller, a palliative care and hospice physician, shared a frank and inspiring perspective on how we view the end of life in America.

I'm proud to say I will be co-presenting the second event in this series on Thursday, November 2, with retired internist Dr. William Galbraith. To have both legal and medical perspectives on the same stage at the same time is rare indeed and I know the audience will put us to the test.

To see B. J. MIller's Ted Talk, click here:  B. J. Miller's TED Talk.

To learn more about the MedQuarter's "Speak Up! series," click here:  Speak Up! Series on Advance Care Planning.  

Oh, and the MedQuarter itself is a fascinating collaboration of health care providers and the faith community that is a jewel in Iowa's crown.  Check it out:  Cedar Rapids' MedQuarter