May 11, 2017

Getting sick isn't for dummies: The case for Health Literacy

You probably already know where I stand on the issue of Advance Care Planning and the importance of thinking ahead about your answers to these questions: "When is enough enough?" and "If you are ever too ill to think or speak for yourself, who do you want to speak for you?"

Advance Care Planning focuses on the end of life and it goes hand-in-hand with Health Literacy. But Health Literacy is about the lifelong practice of informed decision making and recognizing when, how and where to get the answers you need in any health care situation.

I am pleased to have a guest editorial in today's Des Moines Register on the practice of shared decision making, which is the cornerstone of Health Literacy.

May 11, 2017 Des Moines Register Guest Editorial on Health Literacy

I hope you can take a few moments to read it and think about your own readiness to deal with whatever comes along in your health care journey. Be well.