April 4, 2017

Taxes and death . . .

Is it a coincidence that National Health Care Decisions Day falls the day after Tax Return Filing Day? What's the thinking here: as long as you're depressed anyway, might as well start thinking about death and dying?

I prefer to approach Advance Care Planning with a more positive attitude. It's an invaluable opportunity to preserve your right to informed consent by having a say in the medical decision making that will affect you. Simply put, it's the answer to these two questions:

When you do you think enough is enough?  and

If you are ever too ill to think or speak for yourself, who do you want to speak for you?

Find a good Health Care Advance Directive (may I suggest a visit to www.advance-directives.net?), a user-friendly form that 1) serves as a guide for medical decision making for you and your proxy and 2) respects your autonomous right to specify the care of your choosing.

Education, Delegation, Communication and Documentation. Just do it.