January 5, 2017

January: A time to review and renew

There's something about January that makes it the best time to take a look at your important legal documents, consider whether there are any changes that need to be made and start the year by checking that off your to-do list.

Estate Planning:  Any changes to your financial situation or named beneficiaries that need to be addressed? And, yes, that includes the fact that your existing Last Will & Testament provides for a guardian for your now 37-year-old son. It's time for an update.

Health Care Advance Directives: The simple rule of thumb is that if there is any change to your wishes for care in the event of incapacity or your appointed health care proxy is no longer able, willing or available to fulfill that role, it's time to replace. Don't try to make changes to existing documents, it gets too messy and probably won't comply with witnessing or notarization requirements. Just execute a new document and distribute to your proxy(s), primary physician and anyone else who might be around in a medical emergency. Go to Jo's Health Care Advance Directive forms.

Happy New Year!