May 6, 2016

It's Older Americans Month!

President Kennedy first designated May as Senior Citizens Month. Along the way, someone noticed that folks who are 65 and older cringe at the term "senior citizen." Duh. In 1980, President Carter changed it to Older Americans Month.

And, may I say, it's about time we got the recognition we deserve (technically, I don't join the ranks until July, but with my head swimming in Medigap factoids, I am taking the liberty to include myself). Ten thousand more Americans become members of this demographic group every day, and will for the next 14 years. God bless the Baby Boom of 1946-1964.

To all who still fondly remember The Magic Window, hula hoops, sock hops, Fibber McGee's closet, Hoppalong Cassidy banks and teeny tiny transistor radios, I say SA-LUTE!