January 17, 2016

Coming soon: Health Care Advance Directive forms!

I'm in the final stages of drafting my Multistate Health Care Advance Directive and Iowa Health Care Advance Directive forms and they will soon be available online and in-person at workshops I will begin holding this spring.

My decade of writing and speaking about end-of-life decision making have revealed the shortcomings of nearly every state's advance directive. My biggest criticism? Pretty basic, really:  most advance directives do not provide user-friendly platforms for someone to document his or her individual choices for health care, for the use of life prolonging measures and for the appointment of a health care proxy.

As someone who wants to do some effective Advance Care Planning, if I don't understand the form I'm signing and if my proxy and health care providers can't understand what my choices are and how to advocate for them sometime in the future, then shame on the government bodies and agencies that proffer these forms to the public. 

My forms are easy-to-use and--as importantly--easy for the proxy and physician to understand and honor. So, watch for updates!