April 13, 2015

April 16, 2015 - National Healthcare Decisions Day

This Thursday is National Healthcare Decisions Day, a nationwide initiative to help educate the public about the right to preserve one's wishes for critical and end-of-life care with advance directives. Only 28 percent of American adults have written health care advance directives. The top reasons given by those who don't have these vital documents are 1) a lack of information on how to proceed and 2) nobody ever talked to them about it.
My new book,
2015 Edition - The practical guide to Health Care Advance Directives will be available soon. It's an updated version of my 2006 book on advance directives, Last things first, just in case . . . In it, you will find a simple four-step method of creating effecting and meaningful advance directives.

Stay tuned for details.
In the meantime, use National Healthcare Decisions Day to start thinking about your wishes for care.