November 1, 2014

New York Times article on high-tech Ethical Wills

New York Times contributing writer Constant Gustke specializes in articles about megatrends. Her writing is a bounty of information on anything from Baby Boomer retirement issues to personal finance decision-making. When I found out she was interested in talking about Ethical Wills going high-tech, I could not have been more pleased.
Ethical Wills have been around for 3,500 years. The practice of creating and sharing a record of your beliefs and values, life lessons and hopes for the future started with oral statements and has morphed into letters and even ethical journals over the millennia.  Now it can be a video, a slide show, a digital scrapbook, a letter shared on "the cloud," or even a Facebook page.
Big kudos and thank you to Constance Gustke for helping to make so many aware of this inspiring tradition. An Ethical Will is a solid foundation for more effective advance directives, estate plans and even charitable giving. And it's an example of the true meaning of legacy.
New York Times - November 1, 2014